Solar's Philosophy


We, the brand Solar, are based on a tradition springing from 1927. We started as a small family business and have grown into a global brand.

We are committed to our roots, combining attractive design with advanced technology to create products such as Tan Thru® which allows seamless tanning with UV protection, as well as product such as Dry Weave®, a fast-drying breathing fabric that treats your skin gently and reduces risks posed by dampness.

Our high standards are manifested in design that is elegant, distinguished, colourful, vivid, graceful, and elaborated. Our high standards are manifested in the quality of the fabric, the quality of production, and product durability. Our high standards are manifested in the level of comfort our products provide. Our target is the increase of your well being. Our high standards are also manifested in our concerns for ecology. we use skin-friendly materials, adopt ecologically oriented production method and packaging.

Acquire the Solar value. We aim to let you express your individuality through the uniqueness of Solar fashion. We offer you the benefit of the Tan Thru® and Dry Weave® technology that sets us apart from competitors.

Be excited by unique designs and gain additional dimensions of pleasure in the water. By the elegance of our products you don't have to make compromises on your accustomed elegance. You can bring your lifestyle to the beach, the spa, or wherever you wear a swimsuit.